19 Oct

YouTube Ad is a brand new way for advertising your product or service.  It has so many features that can help you to improve your ads. The new features are constantly added by YouTube team. Previous article about YouTube has discussed “Youtube Has Its Own Analytics” but the team still thinks it is not perfect yet.

To improve YouTube Analytics, you should analyze Time Watched or View report. It will give you insight how long users spend watching your videos. Other additional features are :

  • Annotation report – by using annotation report, you can get insights on viewer click and close rates
  • New Data Slider – Now, it’s easier for you to adjust date range and see how your video performed
  • Metadata section – this section which is provided for your video and channels instantly gives you data about lifetime view and video duration
  • Video hovercard – it’s a new feature where you just need to hovering your video link to see the basic information of it
  • Compare metrics – this feature make you can compare trends and patterns even though they are from different metrics

These 6 features are created to assist you grow your audience and improve your youtube Ad. For more information of them, you can send DGtraffic an email. We will answer each of your questions. 

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