16 Apr


Google Trends is an additional feature in Google Search that can help you to figure out the trends across various regions and languages. How does Google Trends work? It will analyze Search Result from all Google Domain to see how many searches have been done for a term that you have entered. The result page of Google Trends is a bit different from the result page of Google Search. On the result page of Google Trends, you can see:

  • A line chart that shows search indicating interest over time for the term. The highest score is 100 and the lowest is 0.
  • A breakdown of how the categories have been classified.
  • A column with related words with the term that you are searching for. The column is divided into top and rising searches.
  • Besides Related Terms, there is a map to show regional interest that displays the search volume based on regional.

In the past, Google Trends only could be used to track down a trend from Web, Image, News and Product Search. On 20th March 2013, YouTube teams announced in their BlogSpot that YouTube Search had been included into Google Trends classified search. From that moment on, people can track down the popularity of a term based on YouTube Search by using Google Trends.

How to look for trends by using YouTube classified search in Google Trends? It is very simple and easy. You only need to follow these steps:

  • Log on to Google Trends page
  • Enter any term that you’d like to search (example: Gangnam Style)
  • Click “Search”
  • You will be brought to Google Trends’ result page
  • On the left, you can see a word “Limit to”
  • Click “Web Search” to change it into “YouTube Search”

Now, you can see the trend of Gangnam Style in YouTube Search.

For more information about YouTube Search in Google Trends, you can give DGtraffic a call. We will gladly help you.


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