18 Jun

Indonesia has been chosen as the 46th country with an official local version of YouTube. On 14th June 2012, YouTube launched Official YouTube Indonesia. So many people did come and celebrated the opening ceremony. Most of DGtraffic’s Members also went to enliven this event. This event started from 6 pm – midnight.

On that day, YouTube announced that it will work together with their local partners such as Kompas, Aquarius Musikindo, Nagaswara, Trinity, GP Records dan Musical Studios to give the most relevant videos and highlight great contents for its audiences.

This event was also enlive by many Indonesia’s top musicians like Ungu, Vidi Aldiano, Nidji, Sheryl, Kotak, XO-IX, Magnolia and JKT48 were invited to give live performance and celebrate the launch of youtube.co.id.

What is so special about Youtube Indonesia? YouTube will automatically start the page with youtube.com which uses Bahasa Indonesia as the main language if you’re in Indonesia. If you’re out of the country and interested in Indonesian content, just select “Indonesia” in the Location section at the bottom of the page.

Let us welcome Youtube Indonesia with big smile and hug.


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