28 Mar

On September 11, 2012, YouTube Google team announced that its own YouTube iPhone App is available at the Apple Store. Is that a big news? Well, since 2007, YouTube App was already on the App Store but it was develop by the Apple team. However, YouTube Google team finally had created its own YouTube App.

Before 11th September 2012, most of iPhone users had to open m.youtube.com via Safari browser if they wanted to experience the full services of YouTube. This is caused by the YouTube App from Apple was not very useful and interactively for iPhone users. Apple as the owner of Apple App Store had let Google to create and produce its own version of YouTube App earlier this year (2012). Therefore, Google created its YouTube App. It took only 9 months.

Benefits of the New YouTube App

The new YouTube App can give benefits such as:

  • Full experience of YouTube even though you open it with iPhone
  • No need to open a browser.
  • You can share video to Google+ (Google Plus), Twitter and Facebook just with a single tap.
  • The Search feature has an autocomplete (instant search) for popular videos. If a user would want to watch “Gangnam Style” video, you just need to type “Gan” and the Search Box will give a suggestion “Gangnam Style”
  • With this new App, you can show your YouTube Ads
  • You can view your own YouTube Ads

Those are some of the list of benefits that you would get with the YouTube App, but that’s not all of it. Google YouTube team will improve the App with more and more spectacular features in the future to make this App more perfect.

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