19 Sep

YouTube is a new platform for advertising nowadays. That is why YouTube always tries to provide new tool to aid advertisers. The new tool for support YouTube ad is YouTube Analytics. It is also called as YouTube Insight. YouTube Analytics is not really different with Google Analytics.  They have similar purpose and function which are for tracking your visitors’ behavior.

YouTube Analytics can be used for showing statistics of your videos and audiences.  You even can get an analysis data from specific video. Types of data you can get are:

  • Data of view and popularity, it shows you a trend line and heat map of where audiences come from.  You can adjust the YouTube Analytics to show you specific time or place.
  • Discovery data can show you how audiences discover your video. You can see what search terms on Google or YouTube Search that led audiences to the video.  This data even can show you if someone have embed your video.
  • Demographic is a feature that provides you with age and gender data of your audiences.
  • Audience attention feature gives you a data which part of your video that is popular and not popular by looking at the bounce and rewind rate.
  • Community engagement lets you see how many times audiences like, favorite and comment on your video.

By knowing who your audiences are and what theme of video is liked, you can focus to create video ad that will be liked. Want to know more about YouTube ad and its tool? You can give us, DGtraffic a call. We’re ready to help you.  

Source: GoogleMobileAds.blogspot.com

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