19 Mar

Do you want to use YouTube and AdMob for your campaign? Check out this case study for consideration

Volvo is a Swedish premium automobile manufacturer that has produced a compact executive sedan, Volvo S60. Volvo wanted S60 to get noticed by market. It wanted a campaign that could generate a lot of traffic, expand consumer base and recreate identity of the brand. Finally, Volvo chose to do online marketing because it learned online marketing had been growing rapidly in the past few years.

Online Campaign for Volvo

Online Campaign Strategies

Below these were online branding strategies created and used for Volvo:

  • Create an integrated cross-platform campaign on mobile and desktop
  • Create unique and captivating ads for both platforms
  • Use large ad formats like YouTube homepage masthead and interesting mobile video
  • Use AdMob to specifically target smartphone users because they were likely to have higher household incomes
  • Use high impact messages to persuade target markets

Tactics for Volvo Online Campaign

There were 3 main tactics for Volvo S60 YouTube and AdMob campaign:

Find Consumers on the Go

For mobile market, Volvo used mobile video ads and displayed them across the Mobile Network. Mobile video ad was the latest feature from AdMob. Volvo 30 second mobile video ad showed S60’s performance and aesthetics. This tactic made target market see how smooth and fast S60’s movement.

Immersive Vehicle Experience

Not only watching, potential consumers could explore a 360 degree view of S60, locate nearby dealer and choose other photos and videos of S60. All of these were within the interactive AdMob. By using this tactic, Volvo wanted to increase potential consumers desire to learn more about S60.

A Groundbreaking “Test Drive”

Volvo created an augmented reality experience in a YouTube masthead unit.  Mobile users especially IPhone and Android could download Augmented Reality Driving Game by scanning QR code on the masthead of Volvo YouTube. To promote the game, Volvo were using display ad. By combining display ad and smartphone game, Volvo was success to bring car to life on the YouTube homepage and generated significant buzz in the media.

Result of Volvo’s YouTube and AdMob Campaign

The combination campaign of YouTube and AdMob had helped Volvo to reimage its brand, increase young and high income potential consumers’ interest in S60, set Volvo above its competitors. The most remarkable results were 88% increase purchase intent and 240% brand favorability.

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