13 Dec

In this sophisticated era, it is not surprising when your web gets hacked. It has been daily news that a website gets hacked every day; even for a big company. Google team very concerns about it. They understand that it is frustrating experience for web developer department and they want to help.

One of Google tools that can be used to face the hacker is Google Webmaster. When you have verified your web in Google Webmaster, Google team can send you a message if your web gets hacked and give information which part of your web that gets hacked. After know which part of your web that is hacked, web developer team can fix on it. Below this, you can find two commons ways how your web is hacked:

  • Links or Contents Injections

Some hackers will inject their links into your web. Usually these links are pointing to their websites, with hidden condition so web developer can not detect it. Hackers also can inject scripts that only display when the web is crawled by Search Engines.

When Google team detects it, they will send a notification message to your Google Webmaster Dashboard with the detail so you can fix it. If you want to check your contents get hacked or not, use “Fetch as Google” tool. Another suggestion is to check your CMS plugins, .php, files and template files.

  • Redirect Users

Hackers also can try to redirect your visitors to another spam / malicious web. They can redirect all or specific visitors. If you can access your website directly but you get redirected when you visit via Search Engines, you can conclude that your web has been hacked. The hackers do it with modify your configuration files (like Apache’s .htaccess) or inject specific JavaScript to source code.

If your website has been injected by hackers, it is better to not only clean those injections but you also must prevent it happened again. For prevent it again you can consult your hosting provider and web developer. You can ask us, DGtraffic for more information how to prevent hackers to hack you web.

After you clean your web as Google team has instructed you, you need to submit a reconsideration request to tell Google team that you have success clean those injections from hackers so Google team can remove warning label in Search Results.

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