27 Jul

Google Engage has begun to host “The Rev Up Challenge” competition since early 2012. This competition is planned to hold per quarter and participate by all Google AdWords agencies in Southeast Asian. Until now, Google Engage has held it twice.

For the second quarter, DGtraffic has decided to take participant. In the middle of July, one staff from DGtraffic’s AdWords teams receives an email that says DGtraffic has won the 1stplace. The Gift is Samsung Galaxy Note and its Screen Guard.

Second Quarter of Rev Up Challenge's prize

How can DGtraffic win? It is because DGtraffic has met all Google Engage’s requirements. What are the requirements of Google Engage for the 1st place? The participant must

  • Acquire 5 or more new AdWords accounts
  • Achieve total post-coupon spend of at least USD4,500 in the top 5 accounts

DGtraffic thanks Google Engage and its clients for their supporting. Because of your supporting, we can win the second Rev Up Challenge.

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