15 Aug

Why you must use YouTube video as an ad is a simple question with simple answers. There are 3 main points of YouTube excellence that can be used to answer this simple question. Those 3 main points are:

  • It is the largest and the most visited video website in online world. No one in this world that has internet does not know about YouTube. Every day, hour and second; there are always videos uploaded and watched.
  • It can be collaborated with Google AdWords. By collaborating it with Google AdWords together, you can cut unnecessary cost because you only pay when someone really watches your ads. With this collaboration, you can also target specific audiences by keyword, continental or place.
  • It can help you to remove audiences that have watched or are not interested in your YouTube ads. With this, of course you can save more money.

These 3 main points are the strongest points of YouTube Video as an Ad. If you have more questions about YouTube, you can call or email DGtraffic. DGtraffic is known as Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner that has a lot of experiences in dealing with Google AdWords campaigns.

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