02 Apr


Many of us always wonder about Black and White SEO technique, which one is better? Let’s say we will not discuss about that but what beyond the color of white and black. Well, the important thing is what they can give insight how to increase the position of your website and traffic. Below this, some of our thought about those techniques:

High-Value Vs Low-Value Technique

Of course, no one wants a low-value technique that can damage and destroy his/her website. That is why you must ask the SEO team to make sure that you will not get a low-value technique optimization. What is low-value technique? Usually, people call it as a “Spam” which can harm your website. Sometimes, the damage will cost you two until three years. In extreme way, this spam can make your website penalized by Google. This low-value technique has high risk.

Why many people still use low-value technique? The first reason is fast result. Everyone likes to reach something with speed. However that low-value technique will give you a problem in future. This technique does not have a future because it is easier to fade away quickly. You must know that Google actually does not like this technique, using this technique will be riskier. So, it is safer to use high-value technique that is taking more time but this technique not only give you backlink but also traffic.

High Risk Vs Low Risk

Well, not all “High” things are good. High risk should be avoided if you face Google by using SEO. Maybe some people say high risk comes with high reward. Let’s ask you these questions:

  • Are you ready to accept any result? Good or bad?
  • There will be several penalty, is that okay for you?
  • Have you prepared to accept a risk that your website will be removed from SERP?

The higher risk you take, the quicker you destroy your website.  Dr. Pete from SEOMOZ says that Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO techniques have high risks. You want to save money and time by using high risk which is low-value technique but it turns out you spend more and more money with time to fix the problem from this technique. Well, Mr. Pete says that White hat has a low-risk. It still can be influenced by Google Algorithm changes, SERP layout changes and other things but it is not risker from Black Hat and Grey Hat.

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