09 Aug

Link building is one of SEO’s jobs. You pay a lot of money for this service. Of course, you do not want to have a disappointed result. Be careful with a SEO service that promises to give you a lot of backlinks in a short time because you do not know if those backlinks are good or bad.

There are several signs that show you have a good backlink:

  • Coming from websites that are relevant with your business
  • The source of backlinks should be trusted and authoritative
  • The backlinks has anchor text (link label)
  • Those backlinks are not paid backlinks
  • Is not coming from no-follow website
  • The source of backlinks must be updated regularly (not out of date)
  • Ideal backlink should be put in the body text if you use article to create a backlink

These are 7 basic signs that show you if you have a bad or good backlink. By adhering this 7 basic of good backlinks you can make a better SEO for your website. It is better to use SEO that can provide you with good backlinks because bad backlinks can pull your website down very fast. If you have questions about SEO, you can call DGtraffic for further information. We will be happy to answer each of your questions.

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