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Why Is WordPress friendly for SEO?

  • Google likes WordPress
    “WordPress which does not have many spammers, easily earns Google’s trust”
  • Configurable web page url structure
    “Developers can configure the web page url structure to be friendly for search engine”
  • Loading speed
    “WordPress is currently the most compact system, quickly responding and efficient for loading media or image which make it gets high advertisement quality score”
  • Content creation speed
    “Developers easily create new pages which make website grow very quickly, which eventually grabs the attention of Google”
  • SEO plugins
    “Wordpress has All-In-One SEO plug in to make the website into SEO friendly”
  • Crawability
    “WordPress’s link structure is simple and shared universally, makes it quickly indexed and ranked”
  • Ping, comments & trackback
    “These features invite users to interact, comment and discuss on sites which help to increase rank in search result”

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In order to improve your website, we will give you the latest and advanced techniques on:

  • How to make a SEO friendly website
  • How to get indexed quickly by search engines


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