05 Aug

Vivastreet which founded in 2004 is the 4th largest free classified ads website. Currently, Vivastreet is the market leader in Belgium, France, Italy and Latin America. Four year after it was founded, precisely in 2008, Vivastreet has promoted itself using Google AdWords to bring more and more traffic to website. It has been a huge success which makes Vivastreet stick close to Google AdWords until now.

Smartphone users have grown so much these years; more and more people have used their smartphone as the replacement for desktop (computer or laptop). Following development of technology and seeing the promising market, Vivastreet eventually developed a mobile site.  However it had never used mobile advertising to promote the mobile site before.

Use AdWords enhanced campaign for Mobile Advertising

The company finally took an action to start mobile advertising after AdWords enhanced campaign launched. What is AdWords enhanced campaign?  It is multi-screen world, offering the ability to manage bids across devices, locations and times of day, all from a single, scalable campaign. With this, Google AdWords users can adjust multiple bid to target what is the most important for their business, then Google AdWords will automatically determines the best ad to appear.

By using AdWords enhanced campaign, Vivastreet adjusted the bid for all campaign for mobile devices. Although it could be used to adjust bids according to additional context, such as time (day, hour), Vivastreet’s head of business development Constantin Aubree decided not modifying its parameter too much because he wanted to measure the performance.

The Result of Vivastreet’s Campaign

To measure AdWords conversion, Vivastreet imported Google Analytics to Google AdWords. With this setting, the company could see the traffic and conversion clearly which had been splits according to device. The result had surprised the company because in four weeks, total AdWords conversion had increased by 34%. With this promising result, Vivastreet had already decided to increase mobile ad bids to +40% which before only +25% CPC bid multiplier in place.

The source of Vivastreet case study is thinkwithgoogle.com. Do you want to experience Vivastreet’s success? Just call us at (021) 3193 6552

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