13 Aug

WBC is one of many big e-commerce in United Kingdom. It has been established at least 23 years from now, 2012. It is the largest supplier of transit packaging for hamper, drink and deli. As an e-commerce, it uses website as the main business tool. Because of that, the business development department understands how important the interaction between consumers (traffic) with the website.


For increasing the interaction and conversion rate of WBC website, WBC had decided to use one of Google tools, Google Analytics. To get a better result, they decided to contact one of the best Google Analytics Certified Partners in London, United Kingdom. Their choice was Periscopix. They came to Periscopix with several goals. Their goals were:

  • Knew and understand the interaction between visitors and WBC website
  • Identified which parts of WBC website that needed to improve
  • Ensured Google Analytics implementation was correct so the analysis could be done


By using several approaching like website analysis, implementation A/B homepage test and using advanced segment of Google Analytics; WBC had achieved their goals in just 3 months. They even get:

  • A/B test improved 2.2% WBC’s homepage engagement
  • Conversion rate of WBC website increase by 12.2%
  • Transformation from average to be a better e-commerce website

before and after using google analytics

Of course, they surely surprised how advanced segment of Google Analytics had helped them. For more information for advanced segment of Google Analytics, you can call DGtraffic as Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner. This news is brought to you by DGTraffic.

Source: analytics.blogspot.com


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