02 Jul

Why you must use WordPress for a website is a common question that always been asked by owners of SMB?  There are 5 points that can be explained about this:

  • It has so many powerful features. WordPress already has all the widgets and themes that need to make a website so a web developer can customize it based on clients’ requests.
  • It can be used to make SEO friendly websites. Matt Cutts from Google says that “Wordpress is made to do SEO Well”.  By using WordPress, it is easier to do the optimization.
  • You can quickly update the content even though you do not know about HTML. WordPress is customized as a blog and you can easily use it.
  • You can add image, poll and others things quickly. WordPress has widget or tool that can cover every need of a business website.
  • WordPress is easily crawled and read by Google. Google really loves WordPress because its structures do not break any of Google’s rules.

These 5 points show how WordPress is good for SMB’s owners, but for more advanced function you can ask DGtraffic to help you. 

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