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Sitelink Extension in AdWords allows you to provide additional links to specific page within your website. By using this extension, there will be 6 additional destinations URL for users to choose below your main ad.  It can improve your AdWords performance.  Other reasons why sitelinks are important for your AdWords campaign are:

  • Potential customers can see popular pages of your website.
  • Sitelinks can be used as shortcuts to popular pages of your website.
  • You can change the line text and sitelink whenever you want.
  • You don’t need to create new text ads.
  • This extension allows you to find out the number of clicks that occurred for all sitelinks.

Adwords Sitelink Policies

In using sitelink extension for your AdWords, you must know there are several requirements that you need to follow for sitelink’s link text. The requirements are:

  • You only can use maximum 25 characters for the link text. For languages that use double-width characters like Korea, Chinese and Japan, the maximum characters for link text are only 12 characters.
  • Each sitelink must have a different text and a different destination URL. Your link text must be accurate in describing the destination page so you potential customers will not be confused.
  • Don’t ever dare to use keyword insertion feature for your link text. Google has made a rule that you can’t use keyword for your link text so you better obey it.
  • You only can use trademark if the trademark owner has request authorization to Google Team. If not, you can’t insert trademark in line text.

What happened if you violate Google’s policies regarding sitelinks?

  • Your Ads will not be approved and cannot run. You must fix it to get Google approval.
  • Your website may be suspended by Google, meaning your website can no longer use AdWords until you fix the problem.
  • Your AdWords account can be suspended if you have repeatedly violated Google Policies. You cannot use the account to advertise anymore and every ad in that account will stop running.

Google’s Criteria for Sitelink

Beside policy, Google has its own criteria when determining what type of sitelink will be displayed with your ad. These are some Google’s criteria for sitelink:

  • You must have quite high keyword’s quality score.
  • Your ad position on Google search result pages.
  • Quality of your ads and sitelinks’ Landing pages are important.
  • Search term (keyword) that uses by netizens.

Now, you can make sitelink for your Adwords to make a better campaign. Please remember that Adwords Sitelinks are different with Google organic search result sitelink. For more information about sitelink, you can consult with DGtraffic at (+6221) 3190 8113 

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