18 Sep

Fetch as Google is a tool that you can find in Google Webmaster. Is this tool important? It is very important if you just know what it can do for you especially in your SEO progress.  Your SEO effort will be wasted if your website down because of virus, malware and/or being hacked.

Matt Cutts in his website wrote down that Fetch as Google can be used to check if you have successfully cleaned up a hacked site or not. Sometimes hackers don’t change the appearance of your websites, they just put simple script to make your website banned by Google.

It had already happened to one well-known musician’s website. His Website was hacked one day. The management firm took quick action and cleaned it. They thought that the website was already cleaned.  However when Google checked it, Google found out that the website was still hacked. Then, one member of Google team sent a message to the management firm via Google Webmaster message so the management firm could fix it as soon as possible.

The hackers did something sneaky by putting some script which made visitors from search engines see hacked drug-related content. Only visitors that surfed directly to website could see normal content. Fortunately, the website was not banned and taken out from Search Engines. If management firm cleaned the website and used Fetch as Google to check it, they did not need to wait Google notification / message to really clean the website.

How to Use Fetch as Google:

  • Login to your Google Webmaster account. If you do not have a Google Webmaster account, you must create it and register your website.
  • Go to “Health” and click “Fetch as Google”
  • Click “Fetch” if you want check home. If you want to check a specific page, fill the entire URL and click “Fetch”.
  • Wait for the result. You will get one of three statuses – Success, Failed or Not Found.  

The meaning behind the status of Fetch as Google

  1. Success – The URL has been crawled successfully. Now you can submit it to Google so Google can index the URL. You also can check how Google see your website by clicking the “Success” word.
  2. Failed – Google cannot connect to the URL. Google will try several times. If it cannot crawl, you must check your website and URL because there must be something wrong thus Google cannot connect to the URL.
  3. Not Found – Google cannot find your URL.

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