27 May

It has been more than 4 years since the first pilot project, Google were planning to build a fiber-optic network in one of US cities as an experiment.  It has been a long journey for Google to build fiber-optic city, which provides its inhabitants great internet experience.  The first fiber-optic city was Kansas City selected in March 2011.

Why did Google pick Kansas City? It was because Kansas City had a great infrastructure and business friendly environment where Google could build fiber-optic system quickly and efficiently. Kansas City had all kinds of conduit so Google didn’t need to tear the streets open.  It was a good place to start an experiment. Besides that, there was a bunch of other considerations that made Kansas City stood out from other cities in the US. After experiencing success of first fiber-optic city (After experiencing the first fiber-optic city succession?), Google added Provo and Austin to their list of fiber-optic cities.

Do you ever think why Google choose fiber-optic? Fiber-optic is a method of transmitting information from one place to others much faster and more efficient. With this new system, you will get super-fast internet connection so there will be less time for buffering. Beside a better internet experience, you can watch more than 150 channels in one place.

On 27th January 2015, Google once again announced upcoming fiber Cities which are 18 cities across Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham. For over the past years, Google has been working closely with city leaders so they could get their communities ready for Google Fiber. And now, the real work begins. The next step, Google needs to work together with cities to make detailed map so Google workers know where to put their thousands of miles of fiber in existing underground conduits. They have to make sure to avoid harmful things like gas and water lines. Once the network designing is done, Google will start the construction.

When your city will be picked by Google? Stay tune for the information on DGtraffic website.

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