01 Nov

You can not build a great website without knowing how your site visitor’s behavior is. Understanding your site visitors’ behavior is a must especially when you are developing an ecommerce website. Basically, your site visitors’ behavior is not different from offline shop visitor.

The Behavior of Your Site Visitor

Some of the site visitor’s behaviors are:

  • Quality and Credibility – some of site visitor will pay attention to how you create your content. They love and trust a website which has high quality contents because it means the website is well maintained.
  • Scan, not Read – Visitors have very limited time while they have so many websites needed to look so they usually will only scan some of the text on a page and then move to others page, short but it is efficient.
  • Not patient – Visitors do not have all the time in the world just to wait your website to load; they have other things to do. They will choose others website that can meet their expectations quickly.
  • Want to be Dominant – Most of visitors do not like pop out because they can not control their browser.
  • Understandable Website – Visitors visit a website to get an answer, not get another question mark. A website that is complicated is not visitors’ favorite.

To understand your visitor’s behavior and develop your website from good to better, better to the best, you can consult it with DGtraffic. We have a great developer team that is expert in creating a great website according to site visitors’ behavior.

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