05 Oct


Babytown is a business built by Martha and her husband, Eric Liebman. Babytown is an online shop in Singapore that sells and rents baby products. It does not only sell new products but also second-hand products. Martha and Eric do not only open their business via online, they also open a retail shop so people can come and see the products in person.

Actually Martha and Eric’s business had been doing well so far without using any kind advertising activities. They only used word of mouth marketing strategy. They had 6.000 visitors per month and the revenues always perform well. But Martha and Eric thought they can not be always like that, their consideration forces them to move their business to the next level.

It was not easy to choose the right strategies for increasing visibility in Search Engines and sales. Eric as the head of marketing for Babytown finally found out about Google AdWords. He called Google Singapore Expertise to ask more about Google AdWords. After hearing benefits of using Google AdWords, he decides that it was the right tool and strategy.

Within a month, they have already seen the results. The results are:

  • Monthly visitors increase up to 233% compared to last month
  • Revenue is growing to 110%  compared to last year
  • Traffics that keep coming are relevant traffic (potential consumers)
  • Consumers that come not only from Singapore but also from other countries
  • Google AdWords contributes 70% to increase brand awareness

This testimonial is brought to you by DGtraffic, Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner. 

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