09 Jan

2012 has already passed and now is 2013. Google team has made a list of Top Contributors for Google Adwords in 2012. In 2012, there have been so many events for each of Top Contributors. This 2013 begins with the moving of the Top Contributors Community to the new home where SMB owners and online marketing professionals can meet each other via online. The AdWords Community has produced several Top Contributors that have helped AdWords Community to grow by providing tricks and tips. Not only has that, these Top Contributors helped some business owner find ways to get best results.

In October 2012, several Top Contributors in Google AdWords visited Googleplex, headquarter of Google in Santa Clara County, California. They met AdWords product management and support team. In this meeting, they gave some feedbacks to Google how to improve Google AdWords. Those feedbacks would surely improve Google AdWord in the future.

To show their appreciation, Google team has created special badge with words “Top Contributor 2012” given to 10 Top Contributors from AdWords English Community. They are

  • Calin Sandici
  • Jon Gritton
  • Kim Clinkunbroomer
  • Lakatos Bela
  • Moshe Avichai
  • Pankaj Sabharwal
  • Pete Bardo
  • Scott Dunroe
  • Theresa Zook
  • Tommy Sands

From the list above only one person that has been graduated from The Top Contributors Community. She is Kim Clinkunbroomer but Google team still puts her in the list because she has done a remarkable contributor to Google AdWords during the year 2012. Besides 10 Top Contributors from English Community, Google team also has chosen 25 Top Contributors from French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish AdWords Communities.

Congratulations for all Top Contributors that have been chosen. DGtraffic as a partner of Google AdWords in Indonesia is really proud for all of your contributors to improve Google AdWords. Once again, Congratulation!

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