08 Nov

Ben Taggart as a Mobile Technology Analyst writes an article about “The Surge of Mobile Search and Ad Click”. The main discussion in this article is about Mobile Advertising. He wants to understand how the changing of mobile users’ behavior whenever it’s holiday so he and his team decide to make a research about it.

The result is little surprising. During holiday, people in America tend to open their smartphones and tablets. Most of them use mobile search so ranking of mobile search surges. Moreover the team also sees there is increasing of ad click.

For the research, team studies the surge of mobile search and ad click on Labor Day (holiday in America).  In this holiday, most people will have barbecues with family and friends so they will shop a lot. Although they seem busy, they still often use their smartphones and tablet.  Below this is the result:


  • Smartphones increases 7 %
  • Tablet increases 25 %

Mobile Advertising click

  • Smartphones increase 9%
  • Tablet increase 39%

From the result of this analysis, it can be said that people tend to use their smartphones and tablets when they are away from office especially on holiday. They use it to find information, products or services that they need. Holiday has created more new opportunities for business. Suggestion after seeing this new data is to increase mobile advertising campaign especially on holiday to get more potential consumers. For know more about mobile advertising campaign, please send an email or just call us, DGtraffic. We will gladly to help you to achieve your KPis.

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