09 Jan

Google AdWords helps to grow your company. It has been experienced by PT Wahana Indonesia Transport or PT WIT. PT WIT is one of many Car Rental Companies in Jakarta. It is founded by a housewife, Veronica Ratnasari. From the beginning, the company only has 10 standard cars and 12 staffs.

History Before Using AdWords

The competition in car rental business is not easy as it looks. There are so many car rental companies in Indonesia especially in its capital, Jakarta.  In order not to lose in the competition, PT WIT already provided services for 24 hours and offered more flexible term rather than its competitors.  But it was not enough, Veronica as the founder wanted her company to grow. As her sister suggestion, she went to DGtraffic  as Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner for advice. Following DGtraffic’s advice, she used Google AdWords as online advertising for her company.

Veronica chose Google AdWords because she wanted to build awareness and give internet users plenty of information about her car rental services. Besides that, she learned that it offered a highly cost-effective way that could cut down unnecessary cost for advertising and increase the traffic of her website, sales leads plus phone inquiries with minimum budget.  In October 2008, AdWords for her company began.


After Using AdWords

The result after using AdWords was beyong her expectation. She said that her business rapidly growing day by day since October 2008. She closed more than 50% deals per day.  Because of the increasing of customers, she brought 18 cars ranging from mid-segment models to luxurious models to fulfill all orders. Furthermore, she also began to advertise in neighbor countries which brought customers from outside Indonesia.

By using AdWords, she could know the most popular keywords so she could decide which car type and area that worth to invest.  With this success, she could expand her business from one company into 2 companies, PT WIT for all market and Brysca Rent Car for premium market.

Source: www.google.com.sg/ads/success/adwords

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