03 Jul

Google I/O has 2 meaning. It stands for Google Input / Output and Google “Innovation in the Open”. It is a name for annual developer focused conference held by Google in San Francisco, California. It has similar format event with Google Developer Day.  The difference is Google I/O has been always held in San Francisco while Google Developer Day is a held in several cities and countries.

The first Google I/O was held on 28th – 29th May 2008. The theme decisions for the first Google I/O were Android, OpenSocial, App Engine, Google Web Toolkit and Google Maps API.  After the success of the first Google I/O, Google decided to make it as annual conference.

The recent Google I/O is the sixth held on 15th – 17th May 2013. Same with the previous Google I/O, it was held at Moscone Center, San Francisco. For everyone that wanted to participant in this conference, they had to buy a ticket. The ticket prices for sixth Google I/O were

  • $900
  • $300 special price for school students and faculties

The ticket box was opened on 13th March 2013. In just 49 minutes, all tickets were sold out although organizes had added additional rule that people should have Google Plus and Google Wallet account if they wanted to participate.

For the sixth Google I/O, the team had prepared so many interesting discussions. For the first and second day, there were at least four main themes that had been prepared by Google team. The four main theme of discussions were about

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Plus
  • Google Search
  • Google Maps

Besides these four main themes, there were sections about Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Hangout and Google Play.

Until the second days, this conference was attended by at least 6.000 people. For people that could not attend the conference, they could watch live streaming about it.  Want to know more information about the sixth Google I/O? Stay tune for another DGtraffic article.

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