07 Jun

We already know about SEO, Google AdWords and YouTube; now its the time to learn about Social Media which are new powerful advertising tool. Social Medias that mostly be used as advertising tools are Facebook and Twitter.  It’s quite different from other advertising tools because Social Media need more time, effort and creativity to maintain.

There are several benefits that you can get when you use Social Media as your advertising tool, such as:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Get insights about your customers
  • Build and increase brand trust
  • Engage with or get to know your customers
  • Build loyal communities
  • Get quick feedback from your customers
  • Improve your website / brand visibility
  • Educate consumers about your brand, products and services

From these benefits above, it can be inferred that there is no word that says “Social Media Will Increase Your Sales”. You must keep in your mind that Social Media is not a sales tool so you better not use it for sales purpose.

The first sole purpose of using Social Media is to measure brand acceptance.  To get a good result, you need to create good strategies. Focus on the first purpose and create good strategies, afterward you will enjoy the benefits of Social Media. If your Social Media is success, it can assist your sales.

For more information how to create good Social Media strategies, you can call us at (021) 3193 6552. Our DGtraffic Social Media team will gladly help you.

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