29 Feb


Web development is a job where someone is asked to create a great website. A great website is not always SEO friendly website. SEO friendly website can be a great website but a great website may be not SEO friendly website. A website will be really great and complete when there is SEO friendly html in it.

How can you recognize SEO friendly website?

A website that can be called as SEO friendly website should


  • resolved the WWW problem of  its url naming
  • have simple and clear title tag
  • have a meta description that descripts the title tag
  • have heading text (h1-h4) in the website
  • use alt text for images so Search Engines can read it
  • make internal links that link each page in the website
  • have original content for each page of the website


These things are only the basic. For more information of SEO Friendly Website, you can ask DGtraffic’s Web team to have a clear understanding about it.


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