26 Feb

Landing page is a page outside main website which contains specific information to help increasing the main website’s conversions. Landing page has to be simpler than its main website. Usually, a landing page has only one page. To build a great landing page that can attract more consumers, a web developer need to know the essence of a landing page.

There are four (4) essences of a landing page, which are:


It should have an attractive heading. Visitors will firstly look at the heading of the landing page to decide whether they will stay or not.


A good landing page should give clear information for its product or service offered.  The information must focus only to describe the product or service and its benefits.


The information must be simple and to the point so visitors of the landing page can understand the information in a short time. Beat around the bush information can drive visitors away or make visitors forget what they come for.


The time that is taken to load must be short. The page that has a long loading time can drive visitors away.

Have a problem to make a good landing page following these 4 essences? DGtraffic Company which is Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner offers landing page consultation and development. DGtraffic Company has proved its quality in making a great landing page.   There have been many large companies that use DGtraffic Company’s service.

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