17 Dec

Landing page is created to increase the conversion rate. What is conversion rate? Conversion rate is proportion of web visitors that do things according to the marketing objectives of marketers or advertisers. For marketers or advertises that want to increase sales, they will put a form for purchasing or registration on their website. Most of the forms in online have a submit button.  Do you know this submit button text can influence your landing page’s conversion rate?

A research about submit button that has been done for Science of Lead Generation has come up with results surprised you. The results are:

  • A submit button with “Submit” text has little influence to web visitors which means low conversion rate.
  • A submit button with others texts like “Click Here” and “GO” have better influence rather than “Submit”.

Why submit button with “Submit” text has low conversion rate? Is not it common to use “Submit” text? According to the researchers, it happens because “Submit” implies a high level commitment. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, you should consider to use others texts rather than a “Submit” text. If you are confused, you can give DGtraffic a call. We will find the right text for your submit button. We have a lot of experiences in creating the best landing pages.

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