27 Sep

With the same motto like last year, “The Real Happiness is Sharing Love with others”; DGtraffic once again did CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). For this year (2012), DGtraffic decided to visit 2 children institutes. They are:

Heesu Foundation “Cahaya Cinta”

Heesu foundation “Cahaya Cinta” is a regular institute visited by DGtraffic every year. Not only visitation, DGtraffic has decided to be a permanent donator for Heesu foundation “Cahaya Cinta”. The donation has begun since 2010. For the donation, DGtraffic chooses to donate money regularly so the nurses can use it for buying every need of children and paying for children’s medical treatment.

Why does DGtraffic choose to donate money? Children in Heesu foundation “Cahaya Cinta” have very strict diet programs because of their conditions so they can not consume milk, noodle, and others. Because of this, DGtraffic thinks it’s better to donate money rather than donate something that they can not use or consume. However, DGtraffic also brings along other things like rice, mung bean, toys, vitamin and others that has been approved by Heesu foundation “Cahaya Cinta” keepers.

For this year visitation, DGtraffic came to see every child of Heesu foundation “Cahaya Cinta”, ask the keepers the conditions of children and what they need for next visitation. One of the children, Ratna sang several songs for welcoming DGtraffic. Of course, members of DGtraffic were very happy and clapping hand together when she was singing. The new members of DGtraffic took turn to introduce themselves to children. After that, DGtraffic played and sang together with children before saying goodbye.


Talitha Cumi “Mama Sayang”

Talitha Cumi “Mama Sayang” is a new place decided to visit by DGtraffic for 2012.  Talitha Cumi “Mama Sayang” is a quite big foundation. It has one boarding house for boys and girls. The number of children in Talitha Cumi “Mama Sayang” is more than 100. It is not only an orphanage but also a place where children are taught several skills beside study like sing, sport and others.

Every child in Talitha Cumi “Mama Sayang” can recite “Doa Bapa Kami” in 3 languages: Indonesia, English and Arabic. This player has been taught to children every day. Beside prayer, every child also has taught to do a sport. They even won several sport competitions. Not only sport, those children even have several trophies for academic competitions. 

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