01 Nov

Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation

Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation is very big foundation that has more than 50 children. They are from several grade. You can find children that are still in elementary school until high school. Those children are so energic, polite and very cooperative. Last year, DGtraffic has come to Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation so several children still remember us.

For 2011, we has decided to come in fasting month. We bring the need for Eid Ul-Fitr and Iftar. We promise those children that we will have Iftar dinner together. Because it is 3 hours from Iftar, we play game have been prepared. Togerther, we guess animal gestures, play quiz, sing a song and many more.

At 6 o’clock evening, children and we pray together according to their own faith. After praying, we distribute the food and drink to all children. We mingle with them to hear more about their stories after eating. When we see that the day is getting late, we decide to say goodbye.


Nusantara Orphanage

In this 2011 fasting month, we visited new orphanage. The new orphanage is Nusantara Orphanage. It accepts, accommodates and educates orphan/ orphanage and poor children. We came to socialize and introduce ourselves for the first time.

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