30 Apr

Google Drive is a name for file storage service provided by Google. This file storage service could be used by Gmail users. This service was released to public on 24th April 2012. By using Google Drive, user can do file saving, file sharing and collaborative editing.

One user is given total 15 GB free online storage space for Gmail, Google Drive and Google + Pictures. Google allows users to upgrade their free quota into 100 GB, 1 TB or 10 TB++ through a monthly payment. You need to spend more money if you want larger online storage space. Please remember that all payment is in US dollars and includes taxes.

For file that uses native format of Google Drive like gdoc, gsheet and gslide do not include into the quota. Besides that, picture which has resolution less than 2048×2048 pixel and video duration less that 15 minutes also will not count into the quota. It is very fair for Google Drive users.

In Google Drive, user can create

  • Document
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheet
  • Form
  • Drawing
  • Folder

Users can even connect their Google Drive with several apps that have been provided by Google. Examples of apps that can be used are AutoCAD 360, LucidChart and others.

Why People Use Google Drive?

Since the launching day, many people have started using it to create, keep and share files. Why many people decide to use Google Drive?

Save and Secure

By storing you file in Google Drive, you do not need to be afraid if your computer, laptop, phone or tablet is stolen or broken. Everyone that wants to access your file must know your Gmail account or you share the file to them.  If you do not give or share the file to them, they cannot access and view the file.

Easy Way to Share Files

You can directly insert file from your Google Drive into an email. You can insert file from Google Drive up to 10 GB. Because you send file which is stored in Google Drive, your recipients can see the most up to date version so you do not need to send file again and again if there are some revision on the file.


With Google Drive, surely you are easier in sending and sharing file. For more information about Google Drive, you can call DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552.

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