29 May

Google Analytics has proven itself that it can increase the conversion for a museum like The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). SFMOMA is a dynamic center for modern and contemporary art that has launched institutional website in 1995.  SFMOMA asks Google Analytics Certified Partner E-Nor to solve its problems.

SFMOMA wanted to provide rich content that visitors want to engage with so they would keep coming back but SFMOMA did not know which part must be developed. SFMOMA also wanted to measure and increase e-commerce revenue from marketing campaigns.

E-Nor helped SFMOMA by recommending Google Analytics as the best solution. As a result of the switch to Google Analytics with a thorough implementation plan, SFMOMA saw a tremendous increase in available insights about its online presence. SFMOMA realized a 15% gain in traffic accuracy, and so were more willing to make decisions based on the data.

SFMOMA could clearly see what content users liked best, and made changes and improvements to SFMOMA’s website to keep them coming back. All this new data was helping produce valuable insights on how the website was used and what marketing efforts and website designs were delivering results. SFMOMA was now prepared to continue its online leadership thanks to careful planning and strategy coupled with an expert use of the advanced features in Google Analytics.

Source: analytics.blogspot


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