12 Oct

Google has changed its algorithm several times. In February 2011, Google launched Google Panda. Google Panda will check low quality sites that had less quality, duplicate articles and punish them. Many blogs and sites got punishment because of this. The punishments were reduction of Page Ranking and Ranking in SERP. At this level, SEO still survived.

Google does not stop; this year (2012) Google launches another new algorithm named Google Penguin. Google Penguin aims over-optimized and spam sites. This new algorithm does not only punish some new site but also old sites that already have high Page Rankings. Even after this new algorithm, SEO still survives.

Why SEO Never Die?

SEO will not die even after Google changes its algorithm several times, why?

  • It is flexible. If there is a new algorithm, it will adapt and learn new way to do the optimization.
  • Search Engines let publishers to mark up their own contents so the search engines can extract displace larger chunks of the value chain.
  • If people realize that they were looking at nothing but ads on a search engine, they will go away. SEO can be said as soft ads. Because it is soft ad, people will not realize that they are seeing ads.

These 3 reasons are enough to answer the question. You can give DGtraffic a call if you are still confused, we will help you to understand more about SEO.

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