08 Jun


Search Engine Optimize or SEO is not a magic. Everyone always look for a shortcut to increase appearance of their business website on Search Engines. When they promote their business by using SEO, they will always think “Surely there is a better / easier/ faster way to do this”. But let’s us remain you again, SEO is not a magic. SEO needs process and time.

Surely, SEO can help increase your ranking on Search Engine. To get a faster result, it means those people push SEO Company to use Blackhat SEO. Blackhat SEO maybe can increase the website ranking faster but it also can make the website get throwing away by Search Engines because Search Engines never like Blackhat SEO. That is why Google always tries to destroy a website or blog that it thinks spam or using Blackhat SEO.

For Whitehat SEO, it may be take a long time but this SEO type is safer than Blackhat SEO.  Whitehat SEO can reduce the risk get banned by Google. Usually, Whitehat SEO needs 3 months – 1 year to show the best result. Whitehat SEO is not as easy as people think. Whitehat SEO must build great contents, fix crummy code, build linking relationship, get people to read, share and link to the content. Whitehat SEO has to do all of these over and over; it will never be stop working. With Whitehat SEO, DGtraffic develop to increase your ranking naturally so your website will appear on the first page of Google naturally. It maybe takes time but it is worth for a long term condition.


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