30 Sep

The Sixth Google I/O which was held on 15th – 17th May 2013 at Mascone Center, San Francisco focused on the recent development of Social Networking, Chrome, Search, Map,  Android and Web Technologies. There is much new update information that was discussed in the conference.  We already know the first 3  Updates from the Sixth Google I/O which are updates for Google Map, Google Play Music and Google + (Google Plus),  What else left? There are other updates that maybe you’d be interested such as:

New Technology for Search

At the Sixth Google I/O, there is a demonstration of Voice –Activated Search technology for desktop and mobile device.  This new technology supports conversational question and answer format. In order to Trigger the search process, the users only needs to say a phrase “Okay Google”. However this new technology is not yet available to Google Search for now. It will need more and more development to make it available to be used for all Google users.

Google Play Games

Google officially presented Google Play Games at the Sixth Google I/O. What is Google Play Games? It is gaming platform where Google users can play game together with other users, store scores / achievement on online leaderboards and installed new video games.  For now, Google Play Games could be found at Android and Chrome and It will be available for iOS soon.


YouTube will start using VP9 codec soon. What is VP9?  VP9 is Google’s video compression format. It can deliver high quality video at lower data rates. Users are able to get better quality video with smaller file size. 

At Google showcased, a video was played with VP9 format and standard H.264 format side by side. While the video quality looked the same, VP9 codec had reduced 63% of video’s original file size.  By using  this codec, you will be able to watch high quality YouTube videos easily. Google will offer this codec for free.

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