03 Apr

DGtraffic had grown bigger from last year that’s why DGtraffic held the second alignment on Cisarua Puncak, Bogor. The place where alignment held was at Puri Anandita Hotel and Resort. A quiet and wonderful place that is very suitable for DGtraffic’s outbound.

On the first day, a complete tactical workshop alignment was given by Coach Prijono Nugroho as a CEO of Emerald Action Coach, Licensed Business & Executive Coach at Action Coach Indonesia. He has been coaching DGtraffic Indonesia from the beginning. 

Prijono Nugroho

Prijono Nugroho

CEO Emerald Action Coach, Licensed Business & Executive Coach

He was giving a secret recipe about “How to avoid Dysfunctions of a Team”. It was very important for every members of DGtraffic to become more solid and strong compare to the first alignment on 28th October, 2011, surely DGtraffic had grown so fast.

On the second day, the real activity began where members of DGtraffic were divided into 3 teams. Each team had a captain and a jingle. 3 teams underwent several activities to teach them how to work together as a team. It’s not easy as the book said, but we understand each other to work together hand in hand to develop a greater DGtraffic.

The challenge might be hard, but we’re ready to leap as far as we can

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