15 Apr

Pew Research Centre is a company that conducts researches and informs public about internet trend or issues happened around the World. Recently, Pew Research Centre had done a research regarding Social Media usages. The result of this research showed that there are 67 percent of internet users using Social Media.

On the Gender basis, the results of the research are:

  • Number of women who use social media are higher than men
  • Facebook is the most used social media both by men and women
  • Twitter users are dominated by men.
  • Women are several times more likely than men to use image sharing media (Pinterest and Instagram)

Social Media users

Based on Age, the highest internet usages are at the age 18-29. People tend to use less Social Media as they grow older. Above 65 years old, most people will abandon Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Some of them stay using Facebook and several of them are using Pinterest.

Another type of Social Media research had been done by Social Bakers. Social Bakers specialized themselves to analyzed Facebook to see which countries gain the highest Facebook usages. Below are the result

list of countries on facebook


Indonesia as a developing country succeed on taking the fourth place below United States, Brazil and India. Monthly active Facebook users in Indonesia are 48.134.040.

Semiocast, another Social Media website published a chart to show which countries with the most Twitter accounts. 

Top 20 countries in term of twitter accounts


Our country, Indonesia has more than 15 million Twitter users. Therefore, Indonesia is placed at fifth rank.  Another chart form Semiocast shows that Jakarta as a city that posts the most tweets in the world.

Top 20 cities by number of tweets


From all of these researches, we can conclude that Social Media is an efficient way to reach more customers especially for Indonesia, a country that has many Facebook and Twitter users. For more information about Facebook and Twitter optimizations, you can call DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552.

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