13 Oct

Security is important especially for your Google Account used for your Gmail, Google + (Google Plus) and YouTube. You wouldn’t know when or where your password can be stolen. Worse case scenario ever is your password get stolen and altered. How can you get back into our Google Account? Don’t worry; Google Team has given two options to recover it.

These options below designed to prevent in case you cannot sign into your own account because you forget or someone has changed your password. Following is the options:

Add Another Email for Your Recovery Email Address

The first time you create Google Account, you were asked to fill a form.  In that form, you are given option to fill an alternate email address.  If you have not filled it at that time, you still can register your alternate email address in you Google Account setting. We suggest you to use another mail account like Yahoo Mail as your alternate email.

By giving alternate email address, you give Google another way to reach you. When you ask recovery passwords, Google team can send the link to recover to your alternate email address so you can reset your passwords. Not only that, Google can use your alternate email to tell you of something suspicious happening with your Google Account.

Add a Phone Number to Your Google Account

In this digital era, your mobile phone is the best way to recover your Google Account back if you forget your password or your passwords is stolen. If you click “Forget Password and choose mobile phone, Google team will text a code to the phone number you have registered.  It is faster and more secure.

Phone number is actually more secure than alternate email or recovery questions because the text from Google team will be send directly to your phone and no one know what is that except you and Google team. Usually, you choose answers for recover questions that is easily remembered which is also least possible for another person to uncover them.

You can choose to use one of these options or use both of them. Don’t forget to update your recovery options if you have new alternate email and / or phone number. For more information or consultancy about Google Account, you can call DGtraffic.

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