14 Jun


QLife is a leading hospital finder, drug database and health-care information website. Why QLife chooses to combine mobile ad and Custom Search Ads? Mobile phones are a device that’s always attach with consumers, regardless of whether they’re at home, at work, or at play. This was a good match with QLife’s business of providing a medicine search service – a search that is done instantly at a time of need. 

QLife used to use only mobile ad to monetize their application. But last year, when Custom Search Ads for Mobile Apps was released, QLife decided to implement it so it can work together with mobile ad. QLife has heard that using both Custom Search Ads and mobile ad will increase CTR because Custom Search Ads will show more related ads in search results

Together, mobil ad and Custom Search Ads for Mobile Applications has increased QLife’s revenue by 560%. When QLife compares how these performance to QLife’s desktop site, QLife finds that the mobile ad and and Custom Search Ads generates lower CPCs but higher CTRs for QLife.

Source: googlemobileads.blogspot.com



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