11 Mar

Google Analytics is very well-known around the globe It has a network of Certified Partners who provide valuable technical and analytical services almost in every country in the world. However, there is a question that is always asked by people. The question is what the impact of Google Analytics is. For answer it, Google publishes one case study.

PUMA is a highly recognizable and well-respected sport company.  They had a few strategic goals. They wanted to measure all engaging elements of their dynamic website, beyond just simple page views. They also wanted their site to be optimized for each key region around the world. Finally, they wanted to improve ecommerce conversion rates across the board.

Finally PUMA decides to use Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, PUMA has gained a detailed understanding of visitor behavior, enabling them to optimize their entire web site experience. Being customer focused and improving their digital experience translated into considerable gains in revenue. Check out the full case study of their experience here: PUMA Kicks Up Order Rate 7% with Insights from Google Analytics.

The testimonial of Jay Basnight as PUMA’s Head of Digital Strategy is

“Google Analytics lets us help our customers. We’ve seen some spectacular results working with Viget, and we’re thrilled with GA as a tool. For every decision we’ve faced, GA’s been there to answer the call.” — Jay Basnight, Head of Digital Strategy, PUMA

So what are you waiting for? Use Google Analytics service to improve your websites.

Source: analytics.blogspot.com


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