09 Apr

1st April is known as April Fools’ Day. To celebrate it, people usually tell a lie; play a prank or create a hoax to fool their friends.  It is actually not official National Holiday but it is widely recognized and celebrated by most of people. To make a prank succeed, they usually prepare it several days before.

Google as one of biggest companies in the World also decides to join April Fools’ Day. Since 2000, there have been many pranks prepared and done by Google. For 1st April 2013, Google had prepared a lot of new pranks.  Some of Google’s new pranks for this year were:

  • YouTube were closed down. Google YouTube team worked together with The Onion (a newspaper publisher) to make up some news that YouTube would not accept new entries and down until 2023.   
  • Google Nose Beta was introduced as a new application for mobile devices.  Google Nose Beta could collect aromas and smells through special mobile operating system. Based on the video that was created by Google team, internet users’ noses had to be situated near their devices to smell the fragrance emitted by the devices. These application was also a prank since a lot of people have tried the same as instructed on the video and they couldn’t smell anything.
  • Google announced that there would be emotion feature for Google Photo in Google + (Google plus) but it turned out to be a joke also.  
  • Google Cold Trends was a new feature to look up for things that nobody searched on. It is exactly the opposite from Google Hot Trend.
  • International Space Station is a new feature that can be found in Google Analytics.  It can give more option for Google Analytic users. It is also can support some favorite technology such as CD-ROM, Sticky, Fax and others.

It can be inferred that the Google Team was very elaborate and thorough in doing these kinds of pranks. It could be seen from how they prepared their own speech and made some videos for them.

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