14 Mar

Pirate Penalty was heard firstly in August 2012. Google announced about Pirate Penalty on its own blog with a very short post. With this new penalty, websites that are REPEATEDLY got copyright infringement must be careful.  In the past, Google might be only removed infringing URL and done nothing that would affect the rest of the website and its rank but not now. Google had decided to make a new penalty, Pirate Penalty which would push down the rankings or positions of websites in the result.

Why now?

Why does Google create this Pirate Penalty now? Issue of copyright has been happened since several years ago. The reason is very simple. It is because Google recently has just got enough data about copyright infringement. How does Google get the data? It is from email of Google users. Google has received email about copyright infringement since 2009.

Will YouTube be punished?

Everyone knows that YouTube allows its users to upload and share any kinds of videos as long as not about “adult material”. Because of that, many YouTube users upload and share videos without copyright from the real sources. It can be said that YouTube gets a lot of copyright problem so “Will YouTube be punished?” Well, the answer is “NO”. Maybe some people will say “It is not fair”.

Google already gives a free pass for YouTube. Actually, it is not only for YouTube. Google decides to give a free pass for other popular websites. Google does not expect that this Pirate Penalty will reduce search result from the popular user-generated content site like YouTube and Twitter.

This new penalty will be given after Google investigated various factors of websites. We can’t tell you the detailed information about various factors above, it’s classified. What we can share to you, from now on, please be very careful with your website content and avoid copyright infringement.

When will this penalty start?

Google says it has already begun but they will do it slowly and very carefully so it might not take effect for several months. There is also a time when Google team will add, correct and adjust it to become better like what Google has done with Google Penguin and Panda.

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