26 Dec

Around 60% of adults say they also search news and information about local businesses other than restaurants and bars. When they do to find those news and information:

47% said they rely mostly on the internet, including:

  • 36% on search engines.
  • Specific sites 16%.
  • 1% rely on social networking sites like Twitter.

31% rely most on newspapers, of which only 2% depending on the online version.

22% rely mostly word of mouth from family and friends.

8% rely most on local TV, whether broadcast or sites of local stations.

5% rely most on local radio.

What’s more, from 55% who seek information for bars, local restaurants or clubs, online numbers increased a few percent.

51% percent of people turning to the internet including:

  • 38% on search engines.
  • 16% on special websites.
  • 3% on social media.

Of the 31 percent rely on newspapers, 5% depending on the online version.

Keep in mind when you read these numbers that people can fill more than one option, the majority of people do not but some put into Twitter and Social Website for Search Engines on the side. They then surveyed about news and information about other local businesses, the restaurants and bars. Research shows that 47 percent of people who most rely on the Internet for information. One of the interesting things I found in this survey is that 55 percent of adults who look for their results online through search engines are more likely to be female, young adult, and urban technology adopters, 60 percent of the users of technology.

Source: SearchEngineLand

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