26 Aug

Matt Cutts via twitter announced that Google has rolled out Panda 4.0 update started on May 21st 2014.  Shocking news? We betted it was not because everyone in SEO had already know what Panda was and already expected the update. We also had known that if there was change in Google’s algorithm, it would create some wobble in SEO.

The update on Panda means that we must improve our quality content to get good site’s ranking. Most of sites, which were targeted by Panda and gotten penalty were low quality content site, content farm and scraped site. This Panda algorithm also targeted overoptimized content and content with spam techniques.

Based on SEJ’s article, Panda 4.0 actually had some similarity with previous Panda update which were:

Thin Content

All of us had already known that Google never like thin content. Believe it or not, traffic of website could drop because some of thin content. Thin content was a symptom of poor URL structure, lack of content-drive and lack of text ratio.

High Quality Content

Google Panda 4.0 loved high quality content like previous generation. Google Panda 4.0 favored solid, longform, reputable and user-friendly content. It was not surprised.

Is your Website impacted?

How to know if your website is impacted? Follow these steps:


  • After an update of Google algorithm, just wait patiently and don’t panic. The new algorithm will need several days to show its effect.
  • Find and read what people experience after the new algorithm roll out before take actions. You must know what you confront.
  • Since the update, keep a close eye on your Google Analytics traffic. The traffic report on your Google Analytic can show you whether or not your website is affected.
  • Check if your traffic is increase or decline more than 5%. If it is increase, you probably benefit from the new algorithm.

Beside Panda 4.0, Google also updates Google Penguin. Stay turn for more information about Google’s Penguin algorithm.  DGtraffic will find the update news for you.

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