18 Nov

As a Google+ Page owner, you can invite people to manage your page. One Google+ account can have maximum 50 page managers.  How to invite people to be page manager? You just need to follow these steps

  • Open your Google+ page
  • Click “Add Manager”
  • Enter email address
  • Click invite

If peoples that you invite accept your offer, you will get notification via email. This manager system also can be used for your YouTube channel.  If a YouTube channel has been linked to a Google+ page, then you can have multiple people to manage your YouTube Channel without sharing passwords. With this, you can ask people to maintain YouTube Channel which is used for your Business.

At first, Google+ page owner cannot limit page manager role in Google+. People that are offered to be page managers will have full access of Google+ same as page owner except  page managers cannot add another page manager.  But now, page owners have control what page manager can access. Page managers will be in charge of engaging followers without full access which is safer.

What can page managers do? They are able to:

  • Post and moderate comment for your Google+ page
  • Check Google+ notification
  • Organize circles of followers to enhance targeted fan communication

But they cannot

  • Access YouTube channel because they are not YouTube page manager
  • View YouTube channel analytics
  • Add or  remove page manager from your account

With the authority to control page managers’ access, Google+ page owner can assign different manager roles by visiting “Managers” tab on your Google+ dashboard.  With the help of page manager, you can optimize your Google+ account to achieve the best result for your sales and brand awareness.

For more information about Google+ page manager and YouTube channel manager, you can fill the consultant form on DGtraffic homepage.

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