26 Apr

Period for Rev Up Challenge V was 1st January – 15th March 2013. It was the first Rev Up Challenge for year 2013. Some considerable numbers of Google Advertising Certified Partners had taken part in this new challenge.  Although there are many participants, DGtraffic proved its capability as Indonesia’s first Google Advertising Certified Partner by appearing on Rev Up Winners List once again.

In the Rev Up Challenge V, DGtraffic successfully grabbed the first reward (position). Besides that DGtraffic successfully completed other two bonus challenges.

Rewards fo DGtraffic

First Reward

  • Criteria: Total post coupon spend of USD 12.000 from participant’s 8 highest spending new AdWords accounts
  • Gifts: A smart device worth USD500 and An exclusive 1 hour training

First Bonus Challenge

  • Criteria: Have three or more employees qualify for GCP
  • Gift: It is worth USD 150

Second Bonus Challenge

  • Criteria: Participate in at least   two webinars during the first quarter
  • Gift: It is worth USD 75

On 19th April 2013, the gifts from Bonus Challenges were sent to DGtraffic office. The Gifts had been labeled with “Google” to show that these gifts were from Google.

First and Second Bonus Rewards are Headset and Speaker:

Rev Up Challenge V

First reward for this challenge is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

First Reward of Rev Up Challenge V

DGtraffic teams were very happy received these Gifts. Surely with these gifts, DGtraffic Company will become more fun and colorful.

DGtraffic could once again win Rev Up Challenge V, thanks to our clients’ trusts and supports. In the future, we will continue to improve our services, skills and performances so we can give the best for our clients.

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