08 Sep

YouTube has been owned by Google since 2006. On 2007, YouTube team launched YouTube Mobile for the first time. But at that time, not all YouTube’s videos are available for mobile version so some of users are not pleased with it. YouTube Mobile site version finally was launched in July 2010. With the YouTube Mobile site version, mobile users can access all of YouTube’s videos.  This version also had been available for Android operating system. In September 2012, YouTube decided to launch a special app for the IPhone and iOS operating system.

Since September 2012, YouTube team has not yet stopped to create, fix and develop new apps for Android and iOS. On 20th August 2013, a post in YouTube-Global Blogspot shows that YouTube team has given 2 new updates YouTube Apps for Android and iOs. Here are the updates:

Watch and Search Video in Same Time

With just a swipe of a finger, you can watch a video at the bottom of your mobile phone screen while searching for another one. Example, you can watch a video about how to fold crane while you are still searching for makeup tutorial video. If you want to see the video in full screen, you just need to swipe up; or swipe right or left to dismiss the video.

Connect to TV and Make it as your Personal YouTube

You already can use cast button to send YouTube videos from your device to your connected TV such as Chromecast, PlayStation 3, Google TV and other TVs. To make it easier for you to choose what to watch, YouTube team has improved this application so you can see a preview screen when your device is connected to TV. In that preview screen, you can select a video with option to play the video sequentially.

With this, Mobile phone and tablet users will have better experiences in using YouTube Mobile site version. It is not surprising if user of YouTube Mobile site version will be increasing. With the increasing of users, your will get more YouTube ads viewers. Crave for more news about YouTube? Stay tune with DGtraffic.

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