15 Jul

On 6th June 2013, Facebook team had announced that there was a new update for Facebook Ads. This announcement could be found at Facebook Newsroom. This new update is announced by Fidji Simo who is Product Manager at Facebook. Fidji and his team had gathered many feedbacks from marketers about Facebook Ads. From the feedbacks, Fidji and his team had learned that they needed to simplify their products.  

Fidji on his post says that there are several changing that he and his team will do:

  • In the next 6 months, they will decrease number of ad units. For now, there are 27 ads but it will be reduce to half.
  • Cut out redundancies by removing question product for page. For the future, marketer can ask questions in posts and get answers in comments.
  • The team will remove the online Offer products. This action is taken because team has seen that Page post link ads are more effective to drive visitors to marketer websites. This change is for July.
  • There will be automatically adding social context so your ads can be boosted.  It can be said that you don’t need to create sponsored stories anymore.  Is social context important? Yes, it is. Researches that had been done by Nielsen, comScore and Datalogix show that social context is very important to drive awareness. This change can be seen in the fall.
  • There will be reduction of ad format. By reduction ad format, marketer can enjoy ad creation process simpler and create more consistent ads. Consistent look and feel in ad will give better experiences for Facebook users. This change will happen in late June.

In the next coming weeks, marketer will experience and see these changes to Facebook ads solution. These changes are made by Facebook team so marketers’ ads can reach the right market with the right message and get their KPIs as soon as possible.

More information about Facebook Ads, You can just call DGtraffic at (021) 3193 6552.

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