15 Dec

Mobile sites have been popular. Many netizens like to use their mobile phone as the tool to search online because it is very convenient and quick. It is new platform that can be used to advertise your business. The name for mobile phone Advertisement is mobile advertising.

With mobile advertising, you can convince netizens to visit and take a look of your mobile site. However there is a problem, average mobile site takes more than 7 second to load. The Netizens intend to get information as quick as possible so that mobile site that takes a lot of time to load is pretty useless.

Solve Mobile Site Loading Time Problem

How to make your mobile site loads faster? It is your lucky day because Google team has post new guidelines on Google Webmaster BlogSpot so webmasters like you can optimize mobile sites. Here are guidelines from Google team:


  • Server have to render the response (<200 ms).
  • Redirection must be minimized. Too many numbers of redirects can make your mobile site heavy so it will need more time to load.
  • The amount of roundtrips to first render should be minimized.
  • Avoid external blocking JavaScript and CSS in above – the – fold content.
  • Optimize the JavaScript execution and rendering time.
  • Reserve time for browser layout and rendering (200 ms).

These guidelines from Google focus on rendering some content which is known as above – the – fold content. To make pages load faster, limit the size of the data (HTML markup, images, CSS, JavaScript) that is needed to render the above-the-fold content of your page.  By following these guidelines, the loading time of mobile site could be decrease to below 7 seconds. With quick loading time, your mobile site can deliver the best experience and keep visitor engaged.

Besides these guidelines, Google team also has announced an update for PageSpeed Insight tool. The new PageSpeed Insight tool can be used to analyze a website. The result will show you what you must fix to make your website for mobile and desktop loads faster.

Do you have questions or feedback about mobile site loading time? Please feel free to contact us, DGtraffic.

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