04 Dec


New Google mobile advertising spending forecast was published last month by eMarketer. They argued that US mobile advertising revenues would cross the $1 billion threshold and reach $1.2 billion this year. Of that SMS-based marketing contributed 44 percent and search represented 28.5 percent or $349.4 million. By 2015 mobile paid search would be dominant, with more than 40 percent of mobile advertising revenues.


However Greg Sterling had said that the number was almost certainly higher than what had been predicted by eMarketer. Last October Greg analyzed how $ 1 billion might be allocated:

·        Mobile advertising: $200 million in topline (optimistic)

·        Google mobile AdSense: $217.5 million

·        Google mobile search: $507 million

·        Android app revenues: $75 million (optimistic)


Again those numbers were going to be larger today. Google might be seeing closer to $700 million or more in mobile paid search on a global basis, half or more of which was coming from the US. That would mean Google alone was generating $350 million mobile paid search revenue.

So, the answer for the statement is yes. It have been analyze by eMarketer that mobile advertising is rapidly growing. Even Greg has said the growing of mobile advertising is beyond what aMarketer’ has analyzed.  It will not be impossible if it will dominate in 2015.  


Source: eMarketer and Greg Sterling



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